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Day #7 Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

Have you ever taken note of a mother with a sleeping baby in her arms or a toddler cheerfully grinning on her hip? Looks serene, right? I won't deny that it is unquestionably wonderful to carry a little one around, but it's also harder than it looks! It requires both physical and emotional stamina and […]

ULTIMATE New Mom Giveaway [Valued at $500]

Know a pregnant or new mother? Forward this ULTIMATE giveaway her way. She almost won't need to have a shower if she wins this prize. It covers all of the "basics" in the very best brands. Take a look at this quintet of prizes! NURSING COVER by Bebe au Lait As one of the "original" […]

SLY Awards: Moby Wrap

Whenever the subject of favorite baby carriers comes up, someone inevitably mentions┬áMoby Wraps. Several of my friends have owned one and they say all good things. And I have to admit that whenever I see a baby snuggled in one of these, I can't help but think how cozy they look - so loved, so […]


Remember that old show? With Penny, Brain (Penny's dog), and Dr. Claw's metal arm with the clenched fist. Well, there are countless baby gadgets that abound on the market. They may not be as cool as Inspector Gadget's devices (I could totally use an extra pair of go-go-gadget hands popping out of my hat sometimes, […]

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