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Summer Fashion: Eleven Collection

For the longest time, my 3-year-old's favorite color has been green. And not just any green. "Dark Green," in particular. Other parents often express a bit of shock when my blonde-headed, blue-eyed beauty pipes up with her favorite color. Not pink! Not purple! Not even red! Green, it is. Someday she may change her mind […]

BEST OF 2009: Kid Products

It's weird. For the longest time, my firstborn was my BABY. Then, she was a toddler. But now...now she is a full-fledged kid. She rides bikes and chews gum and picks out her own clothes. She is a beautiful, bright little girl with a heart of gold - so different from the tiny baby that […]

FOR KIDS: a nice pair of shoes

Last night, she prayed before dinner. With her eyes squeezed halfway shut, she said, "Dear God, Thank you for mommy and daddy. Thank you that other kids not get hurt. Thank you that other kids not fall down. And thank you for this food. The End." Then, she smiled a silly, sweet smile - and […]

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