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Get Fit...with Fabulous Athletic Bra

For the longest time, I just thought I wasn't cut out for running. Dancing? Yes. Swimming? Yes. Walking? Yes. But running...? Not for me. Now, however, I go running several times a week and I enjoy participating in local 5Ks in my town. Much of that change was mental...deciding that I, Stephanie Sheaffer, could in […]


Thanks for tuning in for my "Best of 2008" series, where I proudly featured the top 12 products that I reviewed this past year (all with corresponding giveaways!!!). These are products I use regularly and recommend adamantly. Here's a handy little list for your convenience in case you want to come back and reference any […]

BEST OF 2008: Fabulous Athletic Bra

I typically won't shell out big bucks for clothing (shoes and jeans are an exception...), but sports bras are another story. I have yet to find one that is under $50 that is comfortable, that keeps bouncing in check, and that doesn't create uniboob. So I will and do spend the necessary cash so that […]

Fit Mama Friday: One FAB Winner, plus a FAB opportunity for all

The winner of the Fabulous Athletic Bra is leonards99. Please contact me ASAP to claim your prize. If you're a woman with a breast size between 30B and 40DDD, I highly recommend the Fabulous Athletic Bra. They are a bit pricey, but the extra support is worth the splurge in my opinion. It's important to […]

Fit Mama Friday: Fabulous Athletic Bra

I'm a - let's just say "well-endowed" - woman and it can be a challenge finding a sports bra that is supportive, comfortable, and that minimizes bounce. I can't just head down to Target and pick out a $20 bra and call it a day (can anyone relate?). Thus, when I was recently given the […]

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