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Fall Hiking Products for Families

As the weather cools, we Arizonans breathe a sigh of relief. We sit out in the garage, with a bowl of tortilla chips and medium salsa - playing with chalk and riding bikes until the orange sorbet sunset surprises us. We hold out hope that soon we will be able to pull out our boots […]

The Outdoor Family: ERGObaby Performance Carrier

Tim & I like to hike. When we began having babies, we had two options: (1) Stop hiking and wait until all of our kids were old enough to hike on their own (that might be a long time coming...) or (2) Carry the little ones. We decided on the latter. For shorter hikes, our […]

hike to bridal wreath falls

3 miles there. 3 miles back. 6 miles total. We see deer (three of them!), rabbits, squirrels, multicolored lizards, spiderwebs, and a bird's nest. When we get to the falls, there isn't any water (but there IS plenty of shade). We munch on trail mix, Clif Bars, fruit roll-ups, and yogurt-covered raisins. Then, Tim asks, […]

How we spent our Saturday: hiking 7 falls

This photo was taken at approximately 2:15pm today - after a 6-MILE hike with the girls. Note my flushed cheeks from the warm weather (the high was 86 degrees today). We hiked up Seven Falls in Bear Canyon in the Santa Catalina Mountains. And this is "real" hiking - with stream crossings, rock-hopping, and trekking […]

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