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What I Wear Running (+ a giveaway!)

When I hit the road running, I almost always wear this uniform: LEFT TO RIGHT: V-Neck FitDry Shirt by Nike (I've had this shirt for 6 1/2 years! Eek! Time to buy a new one!) Endurance Capri by Moving Comfort Gym Girl in Crush Pink by SkirtSports Wave Ascend Trail Running Shoes by Mizuno Wide Headband […]

10 Tips for Training for Your First 10K

I ran my first 10K yesterday - my longest run ever! After kissing three little blonde heads, I walked out the front door into 44 degrees and glorious rays of sunlight. One foot in front of the other, I prayed and breathed with each step. If you've circled a 10K date on the calendar and […]

Workouts of the Rich & Famous (dream with me...)

If you had unlimited wealth, how would you exercise? I would: Hire a personal trainer. She (yes...SHE) would show up at my door three times a week with a readymade plan, specifically tailored to my fitness goals and interests, my abilities, and my "state" of life (pregnancy, postpartum, etc.). Swim. I would have a large-ish […]

Dress to work out...and work out, you will

My blonde-haired sister-in-law Danielle pulled up in our driveway in her Nissan Xterra. Climbing out of the car, I noticed her stylish oversized sunglasses and perfectly coiffed ponytail. She was dressed in running clothes - striped shorts, a white t-shirt layered over a tank top, and silver running shoes. Ever the height of fashion, she […]

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