The Mathematical Equation that Will Help Baby Sleep Better

The Mathematical Equation that Will Help Baby Sleep Better 1Sleep is a hot commodity for new parents.

I remember those first few weeks after birth - the wonder, the magic, the breathlessness, the fullness of joy - and the sleeplessness. People had warned me that I would be tired. But tired wasn't the right word to describe it. Even "exhausted" couldn't really cut it.

Then, I got better at math: sleeping baby = happy parents. You don't have to be a brilliant mathematician to figure that one out. Yet too many people are quick to judge the sleep habits of other people's babies...

Here's what I say. As long as you're following safety precautions, follow your heart and ban the nay-sayers. Crib. Bassinet. Co-sleeper. Family bed. Mattress on the floor. 7:00 bedtime. 9:30 bedtime. Bath before bed. Book before bed. Boob before bed.

Take a deep relaxing sigh of relief. No matter what that snobby lady told you at church or the know-at-all told you at work, the mathematical equation still applies: sleeping baby = happy parents.

Do what works for you and don't worry about it.


(Pictured: Arm's Reach Stratford Cosleeper)

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