Themed Weekend: It's Bedtime!

it's bedtime themed weekendBedtime. Does it make you cringe or cry or sigh or smile?

We've had our fair share of all of those emotions at bedtime, but - overall - it's a pretty positive and peaceful experience in our house. Notice I said: overall. Not: always

Sleep is a subject that all parents talk about sooner or later. Whether you have a newborn who wants you to walk the halls at 2 a.m. or you have a toddler who wakes up at the crack of dawn (or before the sun rises...) or you have an elementary-age child who is having bad dreams or YOU have a hard time falling asleep when you hit the pillow at night, this weekend is for you.

As always, there will be tips and advice and product reviews...and GIVEAWAYS! And - of course - there will be plenty of opportunities for you to join the discussion (I hope you will! Comments make the world go round...or at least the blogosphere).

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6 comments on “Themed Weekend: It's Bedtime!”

  1. For the most part, bedtime's pretty good. We're getting close to Cheeks sleeping through the night every night and not waking up at 6, and Blondie's always been pretty good. Fun theme!

  2. Currently I'm mostly smiling over bedtime. Levi's become more predictable and much sweeter about going night-night. For a while there, I had become convinced that I would never sleep again. I suppose it just goes in cycles.

  3. My son is a wonderful sleeper and I take no credit for it whatsoever. God just made him that way and that's the way he is. My 5 month old... we'll see!

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