Tips: Breastfeeding in Public

Tips: Breastfeeding in Public 1I remember the first few weeks of breastfeeding. I felt like I was perpetually feeding my little blue-eyed beauty. It was exhausting - and extremely trying to go anywhere in public.

If we went out, I found myself immediately scoping out the locale for a secluded corner or room to escape to at the baby's beck-and-call...and here are the best places that I discovered:

Dressing Rooms: If you go to the mall, to any clothing store, or to Target, dressing rooms are great havens for nursing moms. Almost all dressing room attendants will allow you to feed your baby in one of the rooms - and the majority will let you wheel your stroller along with you into the family dressing room.

Front Seat of the Car: Oftentimes, the best option for nursing baby was simply to bow out gracefully and sit in the front seat of the car with the air-conditioner (or heater, depending on your climate) running.

Nursing Lounges: Many malls and shopping centers now offer private nursing lounges and large family areas with comfortable couches. Do ask about these kind of amenities. If they do offer them, be a frequent shopper and show your appreciation. If they don't offer them, ask anyway - the "powers that be" might change their mind if enough people ask. [Kudos to Babies-R-Us for leading the way in the nursing lounge revolution!]

Of course, another option is to buy a nursing cover like the ones that Bebe Au Lait sells (pictured). They are incredibly stylish and look like an excellent option. (P.S. If you have one, post your review here!)

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