Utterly Yours: A Different Kind of Pregnancy Pillow

Utterly Yours: A Different Kind of Pregnancy Pillow 1I thought about buying a pregnancy pillow for my entire first pregnancy. I was uncomfortable pretty much from the beginning - tossing and turning - wedging pillows behind my back and in between my knees to seemingly no avail. I think I used four or five pillows every night. My husband joked during that time that he couldn't even see me behind the giant mound of pillows.

I wish I had known about the Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow

Utterly Yours: A Different Kind of Pregnancy Pillow 2When I first saw the pillow, I wondered if it could actually work. After all, it looks nothing like other pregnancy pillows on the market. Most pillows out there are massive "body pillows" that you curl around your body - contortionist-style. But the Utterly Yours pillow is compact, just "two simple triangles with distinct densities that offer balanced support to the back and abdomen." 

You may know that sleeping on your side - specifically on your left side - is often recommended by doctors as it takes pressure off the back, keeps the uterus off the liver, and optimizes blood flow to the baby. The Utterly Yours pillow keeps me comfortably positioned on my side throughout the night...and it even allows me to lean back a little bit on the strong support and shift positions if my side starts to get "tingly." It really does help and now I never want to sleep without it!

Available in six different color combinations, the pillow is a great find for pregnant moms! And - if you happen to be cosleeping with a toddler or younger child for part or all of the night - you'll absolutely love the "smallness" of this pillow because it still allows you to snuggle with your little one throughout the night. 

Want to buy one for yourself or a pregnant friend? Use discount code UYMM1108 for 10% off your order from now until NOV. 30.

Utterly Yours: A Different Kind of Pregnancy Pillow 3WIN IT! One winner will receive an Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow in the size and color of her choice ($39.95-54.95). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, November 24 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #44 Autumn H. Congratulations!

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118 comments on “Utterly Yours: A Different Kind of Pregnancy Pillow”

  1. I really need one of these i have 2 months left and i cant wait i am bigger than a brickhouse this would help me soooo much thanks for this giveaway

  2. This pillow sounds like such a miracle!!! I'm 9 weeks along so the aching hasn't set in yet but you know it's bound to happen sooner or later. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Oh this is so what I need. I have a horrible condition where my hips pop out of place during pregnancy. I'm only 3 months and already having symptoms. This would be so much more helpful and comfortable than wedging pillows. I hope I win!

  4. I have one of the lunalullaby pillows/nursers and love it! It will go from a great sleep pillow to a nursing pillow once baby arrives. If anyone is currently going without a sleep pillow, I strongly encourage you to get one. I had used a regular pillow between my knees before the lunalullaby, and it really is no comparison. Would love to win this sleep pillow/positioner for a friend who is due a couple months after me and just getting to the stage of needing a little sleep support! Thanks for the chance.

  5. I just found out I am pregnant, I am looking forward to body changes, but am not looking forward to trouble sleeping at night. This would be nice, thank you!

  6. This is smart! My best friend just found out she is pregnant, this would be nice to give to her. She probably would thank me a million times for helping her in this time of need (for her back that is)

  7. Oh, oh, oh, relief for this achin' back. I didn't know about those pillows until now, and I'm DEFINITELY interested.


  8. I wish i had this on my first child...might have prevented a lot fo discomfort and sciatic pain. I wanna get it this time around.

  9. I'm about to go into my 3rd trimester and it's already uncomfortable laying down. Please count me in and thanks for the contest!
    codisweepstakes at gmail dot com

  10. OH I wish I had one of these for my 1st pregnancy...I could really use one lately!! The Bigger I get the more Padding I NEED!

  11. I remember being so uncomfortable while trying to sleep during the last 2 trimesters of my last pregnancy. I can't go through that again. I would love to win this pillow! Make me happy,PLEASE!!!

  12. I would love to have this pillow! my left side feels like it will never forgive me lol! If i win i'd like the coriander seagreen color.

  13. My oldest sister is pregnant at age 42 with her first child and she is in her third trimister. She will need this pillow.

  14. We're waiting for God to bless us with another one (anyday now would be great.. hee,hee).. so when I do get pregnant I would love to have this. They always look so good but I have never invested in one with my other pregnancys. Thanks.

  15. I'm soooo close to the end and it looks like (because of many reasons I'll blog about one day)this will be our last so I'm not entering this but wanted to comment on what a really neat looking design this is. Had I known about it early on I surely would have given it a try!

  16. Oh my i sure could use this about right now. I am starting to hit the uncomfy part of pregnancy and need all the help that I can get. Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  17. I would love to win the brown swirls and pink pillow in a large. I desperately needed one with my first child. Our 2nd is due this summer....and I've recently suffered complications from IVF which made me feel 8 months pregnant...would have come in handy then! :)

  18. I like the pink and brown one. I am in need of this i just started this and they told me if i got pregnant again i would have the worst pregnancy ever. So i think i would great appreciate it and would use it te whole time. Thanks for teh chance of winning this pillow.

  19. Oh man, I had a rough time when I was ginormously pregnant (which was, like, the entire time). This looks like it would have been great! My hubs complained about the amount my boyfriends (read: pillows) took up in our bed, too. If I win I can't decide whether I want to keep it in case I have another baby or give it away as a great gift!

  20. This looks great! I am in the early second trimester of my second pregnancy and am not looking forward to bringing out the body pillow again. My husband refers to it as the 'other man!' This on the other hand is nice and small. Perfect.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I would love to have one of these! My husband and I are trying for baby #3 right now. I was given a pregnancy pillow when I was pregnant with my first and it was horrible and didn't work well at all. So, I just gave up with my second one and dealt with being uncomfortable. I would love to try something that actually works!

  22. Oh my I have never seen these before. I am having circulation problems on my left leg. Its going purple. Thankfully not tingly, or numb...just having a harder time going back up from what I understand. The OB & vascular dr described it as getting water up a hill. So its been a painful 3 weeks. Seen 5 different doctors all to learn that this is normal in pregnancy.

  23. this is my first pregnancy and I like many others have trouble sleeping at night. I have always been a belly sleepper so this will help me to slop trying to sleep on my belly. thanks

  24. i have a snoogle pillow & it's nice, but it's so big it's like having the great wall of china between me and my husband. this seems like a great, compact pillow to try.

  25. I want one of these, but I'm way more interested in the breast pillow! As a 34G, it was so hard for me with my son to learn how to nurse, and for the first several weeks, both hands were almost always occupied while nursing (one on him, one on my breast). What a neat invention!

  26. This is great! I love that it doesn't take up so much room. Lately I've been falling asleep on my side but I wake up to find myself on my stomach! (I am a stomach sleeper when not pregnant.) Apparently my belly isn't big enough yet to prevent me from doing this but boy does it hurt when I wake up.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. I've been using my regular body pillo, which works ok. But it does take up so much room in the bed that my dh refers to it as my "replacement husband". So...something more compact would definitely be worth a try!

  28. My beautiful daughter-inlaw is in her second trimester and is teaching Kindergarten. This pillow would be so wonderful and would help her fulfill her goal of being able to teach until her due date.

  29. oops, I posted on the wrong blog, that is what happens when you are addicted to blogs and you have about twenty open at one time...sorry about that :(

  30. The sad, sad panda change purse is so adorable it hurts. I love that in her item description she writes, "I'm a sad panda... won't you adopt me?". haha, that is just great.

  31. Having a college student at the same time I'm 5 mos pregnant has really complicated the sleep situation. Waiting up, worrying and suffering restless legs and carpel tunnel syndrome all at the same time!

  32. I'd love to have one of these for my nest pregnancy. Especially if my husband ends up deploying while I'm pregnant (a distinct possibility). I often use him as back support at night while pregnant!

  33. Oh, I could use one of these now. I've been having a hard time getting comfortable -- sounds like this might do the trick!

  34. I wish I would have had one of these with my first pregnancy. I had the HUGE curly body pillow and although it worked well, my husband had about 6 inces to sleep on with our full size mattress!! :) This will work out much better with pregnancy #2.

  35. I had one of those other pregnancy pillows for my first pregnancy and while it helped me feel more comfortable, it also took up most of the bed! I would love to try this one out next time! Thanks!

  36. I remember how hard it was to sleep with my body pillow and would love to try this out for my next pregnancy. The fabric choices are all great also.

  37. Oh, I need one of these pillows right now! I've just entered my third trimester and I'm so uncomfortable laying down! I especially like the Brown and Pink Swirls pattern in a size small. Great find -- thanks!

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