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1st Bday: babyGap

She's rockin' and rollin' and smilin' and fallin' and getting back up again. She is in that crazy stage of fearless flying and trying. She stands. She climbs. She claps. She waves. She grins. Inevitably, there are bumps and tumbles and frustrations as she tries so hard to be as big and as fast and […]

1st Bday: Anytime Nursing Gown by Bella Materna

When my first daughter turned one [see left], I began to feel pressure...to stop breastfeeding. It was mostly subtle. People would ask how much longer I planned to continue. They would say things like, "Oh! I can't imagine breastfeeding a baby with teeth! Doesn't it hurt?" and "Once a baby can walk/talk...it's weird." But...it wasn't […]

1st Bday: Words to Remember

We were eating dinner at a friend's house. Their 2-year-old boy and our 3-year-old girl were being silly at the table as they ate pizza and fruit salad. He giggled, "What does NO mean?" She answered, "No means No." They laughed out loud at their brilliance. "What does YES mean?" he queried. "Yes means you […]

1st Bday: Planet Wise & Softbums

:: The Cloth Diaper Report :: You may recall that we were contemplating switching to cloth a few months ago. Well, we never officially held our noses and jumped off the diving board. Cost was prohibitive - and timing - and then...there is the fact that the whole thing is overwhelming (so many choices + […]

Themed Weekend: One

You'll be one in just a few short weeks. Can it really be? It seems like just yesterday that I was pulling up to the birth center, singing through the contractions. One hour later, I was pushing on my hands and knees in the water. Tim caught you from behind. When I looked back, he […]

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