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If I were a photographer, I would be happy if a family showed up at a shoot with their kids dressed in Zutano. The colors pop. The materials are non-wrinkly and soft. The designs are undeniably unique...but not so much to overshadow dazzling personalities. Take a peek at a few of my favorite pieces:      […]

GIVEAWAY: Appaman accessories

Allow me to introduce you to NYC-based kids clothing retailer - Appaman. Featuring bright colors infused with cheer and laid-back styles, Appaman kids look like they have stepped right off the runway. The pieces are the pinnacle of freshness and the fabrics are luxurious in feel. Here are a few of my favorites from the […]

style @ 6 months old

When it comes to "style" for my babies in the first year, my motto is "simplicity." I love plain, non-branded onesies and sleepers - free of buttons, frills, and fluff. Dress-up outfits and ensembles can be cute, don't get me wrong, but they're also harder to take on-and-off (and seem to be less comfortable for […]

Themed Weekend: Cutest Tot on the Block

This weekend's theme is "Cutest Tot on the Block." Stay tuned between April 12 and April 14 for "fun finds" in the baby, toddler, and kids arenas - especially as it pertains to clothes and shoes.  P.S. I often think that my 19-month-old daughter Little Beauty (pictured) is way more stylish than I am. Does […]

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