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This is the way we pack (and clean) our clothes

Tim is a master at packing. I lay everything out on the bed that we need to take and he carefully organizes each person's clothing into packing cubes (Never heard of them? If you like to travel, you want them). You can even color-coordinate them for each member of the family. Our San Diego packing […]

Father's Day Gift Guide: ZÜCA Pro

Every since this bag arrived, I can't help but say, "ZÜCA, ZÜCA, ZÜCA" all around the house. Try it. It's a fun word to say. Even more fun? Traveling 'round the country or the globe with this innovative, ingenious carry-on. Here are my top 3 reasons why the ZÜCA Pro rocks (in no particular order): […]

4 Road Trip Tips

It took us 6 hours flat to get from our house to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We only stopped once, a quick bathroom break alongside the road. Everyone was happy the entire time. In fact, it was the easiest road trip we've ever taken. Here are 4 things that kept us smiling on the way... 1. […]

What to Pack: Packing Cubes by eBags

Isn't it the worst when you have a giant suitcase and everybody's clothes, socks, underwear, and toiletries are just in one huge heap when you open it? I have to tell you about a revolutionary product that will change the way you pack...for the better. You'll feel organized and happy and unfrazzled when you reach […]

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