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Still Time to Order New Year Photo Cards!

When the turquoise Tiny Prints box arrived on my doorstep on Tuesday, I immediately opened it to look at our New Year cards "in the flesh." I previewed the design online, but there's something special about holding a card in your hands (which is why I've never been a hug fan of e-cards). As always, […]

How To Use Your DSLR : resources

I read my camera's manual today (I have a Sony DSLR-A300K). Actually, to be 100% truthful, I skimmed it a little bit. The technical parts were a bit lost on me. That said, I am proud to say that I now know: what all of the buttons stand for how to use the self-timer how […]

Themed Weekend: Photography

I get about 1 good picture for every 10 that I take. My ratio is high because my models are so strikingly beautiful. That said, my pictures don't always turn out how I envision because... My house is not at all conducive to picture-taking. My backyard is teensy-tiny and kinda blah. I am almost always […]

Surprising Way to Save Money #1: Buy a DSLR

It was 2006. My oldest daughter was about six months old and I had been enticed into a department store photo studio by a "FREE 8 x 10" coupon. I got all my baby gear together, dressed my baby in her prettiest outfit, and drove to the mall. The mall was a zoo of people […]

Baby Back Ribs are for Today; Pictures are Forever

My husband and I just celebrated our 7-year anniversary last week (it's been marvelous...from year 1 to today, but I'll save that for another post). To commemorate the occasion, we went to Outback Steakhouse and enjoyed baby back ribs and house salads. About halfway through the meal, I realized that I hadn't been to a […]

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