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GIVEAWAY: Win your favorite pair of shoes from See Kai Run!

You've heard me RAVE about See Kai Run shoes - and now I'm happy to give you a chance to win a pair for your child. Ranging in size from birth thru age 8, See Kai Run's shoes are breathable, flexible, stretchable, ultra-cushiony, and all-out stylish. You're sure to love the stunning color combos and […]

Small Style: Spring Sandals by SEE KAI RUN

The high is 88 degrees in Tucson. Warm and sunshiny with a beautiful breeze to temper the heat of high noon. On spring days like today, the girls spend hours in our yard. It's the small kind of backyard that is typical of newer subdivisions, but Tim worked his magic several years ago and it's […]

The Outdoor Family: See Kai Run

Our 18-month-old has officially entered the chasing stage. She runs away on those wobbly legs as fast and as cute as she can be...and then looks back to grin mischievously. Then, I scoop her up and whisper in her ear (while she giggles wildly)..."I love you, my little One And A Half." Sometimes, of course, […]

New Shoes for the Birthday Kid

When my husband was a little boy, his aunt always bought him a pair of shoes on his birthday. And not just any pair of shoes. A high-quality pair of shoes. As he got older, she even let him in on the shopping process and he was given the opportunity to select a pair of […]


Thanks for tuning in for my "Best of 2008" series, where I proudly featured the top 12 products that I reviewed this past year (all with corresponding giveaways!!!). These are products I use regularly and recommend adamantly. Here's a handy little list for your convenience in case you want to come back and reference any […]

BEST OF 2008: See Kai Run

You didn't think I would run a "Best of 2008" series and not include See Kai Run, did you? C'mon now. That just wouldn't be right. SKR is my favorite brand for toddler shoes because these sweet kicks are: sturdy stylish made from sheepskin leather easy to take on and off Our 2-year-old daughter loves […]

ELEVEN things I love about you

I'm pleased to introduce you to ELEVEN - See Kai Run's "older sibling." With shoe offerings in sizes 9-3 (approximate ages: 3-8 years old), these snazzy "kicks" are bound to be loved because they're... Modern. Made with leather uppers. Made with kids in mind. Stylish. Sturdy. Snappy. Flexible. Fun. Fashionable. Comfortable. "Related" to See Kai […]

See Kai Run: Trendy Toddler Shoes that Trump the Competition

If you've been reading my blog for any notable length of time, then you'll not be surprised to see this post about See Kai Run. SKR is my favorite brand of shoes for toddlers. They are durable, soft, and uber-stylish. Handcrafted from butter-soft sheepskin leather, See Kai Run shoes and boots are available in sizes […]

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