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The Sheaffer family travels - with their kids. Read travel tips, destination reviews, and get travel product recommendations.

Travel With Kids: Atlanta

We spent 2 nights in Atlanta in mid-May. Nicknamed "Hotlanta" and home to the 1996 Olympics, the city is the capital of Georgia and the most populous city in the state with 430,000+ people (and over 5 million in the metro area). Our girls were delighted to ride the elevator to one of the top […]

Travel With Kids: Flagstaff

Nestled in the mountains of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff is a small town of approximately 60,000 people. At just shy of 7,000 feet, the city is a mecca for athletes hoping to expand their lungs prior to competitions. Home to Northern Arizona University and part of Historic Route 66, the city is quite unlike the typical […]

Travel With Kids: California Adventure

There was a time when California Adventure was an afterthought, the "second choice" park after Disneyland. After our most recent trip, however, I can confidently kabosh that perspective. We spent an entire Saturday at the Golden State themed park and were completely mesmerized. The new Buena Vista Street welcomes you in with the class and […]

Travel With Kids: San Diego

Driving into San Diego is an awakening of sorts. The green trees are lush. The misty sea air makes you want to roll down your windows and breathe. The casual vibe of confidence and energy is everywhere. It's no surprise that this coastal metropolis is the 8th largest city in the U.S. If you journey […]

Travel With Kids: Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse

Take a trip back to the 1880's - a wild and dangerous time when covered wagons rolled past mountains and cowboys sang below starry skies. Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse, located at 5700 West North Loop Road in Chandler Arizona, is open seasonally as a themed amusement park. The premises include a steakhouse, a confection's […]

Travel With Kids: Wenatchee/Leavenworth

"I haven't seen this much variety of fresh produce all in one spot for 18,000 miles," Tim remarked as we nudged our way into the Wenatchee Valley. Produce stands and trees abounded - cherries, apples, apricots, spearmint, peppermint...not to mention farm eggs and local honey. We stayed at the Wenatchee River County Park, a lovely […]

Travel With Kids: Spokane

When I think "Washington State," I tend to think "rain." Relentless rain. Grey skies. Days without the yellow glitter of the sunshine. In reality, however, Washington is much brighter than novels often portray it. Especially eastern and central Washington. Take Spokane, for instance. The city (which is the 2nd largest in Washington) averages 260 days […]

Travel With Kids: West Yellowstone

"We could move HERE for a year," Tim glanced over at me as we drove into the glory of the state of Montana. I knew he was completely serious. He would like the mountain life - a log home, a sparkling creek, a porch swing, snowy winters, little ones running in the wild flowers, long […]

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