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The Sheaffer family travels - with their kids. Read travel tips, destination reviews, and get travel product recommendations.

Travel With Kids: Fayetteville

Fayetteville is a friendly town - warm and congenial, a small city with a big heart. We spent 6 nights in this not-so-sleepy military mecca. Our favorite highlights? We planted a garden for the Salvation Army. Our hands got dirty. Our feet got bit (by ants!). After an afternoon of work in the North Carolina […]

Travel With Kids: Asheville

Asheville's reputation is nothing short of sparkling. Every time we told someone we were going there, people said, "Oh, you're going to love it!" And we did. The terrain is lovely - there are towering trees and beautiful hiking/running trails in every direction. Aside from volunteering with a number of great organizations, we also toured […]

Travel With Kids: Nashville

I knew I was going to like Nashville even before I got there. It is, after all, the home of country music. I halfway expected to hear my favorite songs playing out of the sky as I walked downtown. Nashville is a place where artists and creatives congregate - waiting for a big break or […]

Travel With Kids: Daytona Beach

Last week, we decided to pull off the interstate and spend two nights near the glittering beaches of Daytona. Shortly after we arrived, it rained. To be more accurate - it poured (which is pretty loud when you're in an RV). We looked out the window and saw people running about with ponchos on. Being […]

Travel With Kids: Kissimmee/Orlando

"Can we live at Disney World?" our 4-year-old asked, her cheeks rosy and her face in raptured bliss. I laughed and said "No, but wouldn't that be fun?" We just spent 2 weeks in the Kissimmee area. Of the 4 theme parks in DW, our girls probably enjoyed the Magic Kingdom best. The characters are […]

Travel With Kids: Mobile

When I say "Alabama," I say it all drawn out and southern style, with a hint of country music in my voice. Like this. "Allllaaa...BAMA." It's a fun word to say. Try it. At Tim's request, we toured the USS Alabama. I surprised myself by having a lot of fun - walking from deck-to-deck, climbing […]

Travel With Kids: Houston

"Isn't this nice that we're at a campground with playgrounds?" our 4-year-old clenched her tiny fists in unbridled excitement when we pulled into Tomball, Texas. I smile back at her. "Yes, it is." Almost all of the campgrounds that we stay at have playgrounds, but...she still says that EVERY single time. With the same clenched […]

Travel With Kids: Austin

Austin is a tree-lined city, alive and bustling with young people (I read somewhere that the average age is 34). Zilker Park is probably the most "famous" park in Austin...and for good reason. It's HUGE and features great playscapes, a miniature train, a sculpture garden, and running paths. We also spent an afternoon at City […]

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