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my blog is a business (and I'm proud of that)

Fact: I have a small business. I pour hours into it - waking up early, staying up late. I spend money on marketing and development. I strategize. I seek mentors. I have business lunches and virtual conference calls. I pay taxes. That business? You're looking at it. Metropolitan Mama. Every once in awhile, I get […]

Not at BlogHer (here's why)

One of the most-talked-about blogging conferences is here. The Big. The Original. The Formidable. BlogHer. I attended BlogHer in San Francisco in '08. It was productive, exciting, discouraging, friendly, lonely, and lovely - all at the same time (If you've been before, perhaps you can relate to that description). Photo (above): Me with Nicole and […]

Howdy Pardner - Can I Ask a Favor?

circa October 2007, 11 months old circa July 2010, 16 months old I'd like to spruce up my "About" page a bit and I'm looking for a few good "testimonials" (aka - 1-2 sentence quotes) from my readers and/or from companies I have worked with throughout my blogging journey. Would you be willing to leave […]

5 Reasons I Unsubscribed to Your RSS Feed

My feed reader is in perpetual motion (just like my girls- see right!). I add and delete blogs regularly, keeping my number at just around 50. I could add more – so many more. After all, there is no end to the brilliance, beauty, and eloquence that abounds in the blogosphere. But I must exercise […]

Working at home is...

Working at home is... staying up really, really, REALLY late. having a to-do list that is a mile long and an ocean deep. returning e-mails instead of watching TV. having laundry on the couch, unfolded. doodles and sketches and ideas on notebooks all over the house. dreaming about building my business, about being a better […]

How Social Media Has Made Me A Better Mother

"She is always blogging and twittering and doing social media stuff - I wonder what her kids are doing when she's doing all of that." Have you ever thought that about a mom who blogs? You might get this picture in your head of a mom who is typing away at her computer all day, […]

8 Reasons to Consider Starting A Twitter Account

"I just don't get Twitter," I remember saying to Tim when I first started my account in the spring of '08. "It all seems a bit narcissistic - tweeting or twitting or whatever-you-want-to-call-it about your life. And, besides, I wouldn't be able to keep up with all of those updates. Oh, and people on Twitter […]

I blog because...

I blog because I am a writer. It's imprinted in my heart. It's who I am. I blog because I cherish relationships. It's a way to connect with people - from Santa Cruz, Sydney, Syracuse, and Sicily (and everywhere in between). I blog because I want to record the simple beauty of the everyday. Because […]

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