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Small Style: Spring Sandals by SEE KAI RUN

The high is 88 degrees in Tucson. Warm and sunshiny with a beautiful breeze to temper the heat of high noon. On spring days like today, the girls spend hours in our yard. It's the small kind of backyard that is typical of newer subdivisions, but Tim worked his magic several years ago and it's […]

GIVEAWAY: Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag

Expecting a baby or know someone who is? Take a look at the Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag®. Designed by Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson (an oncologist and mom of four), it is described as "the ultimate hospital bag, providing comfort, convenience, and caring for women preparing for childbirth." The bag, which retails for $120, is designed to be used for either […]

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Day

Bedtime. In a parent's dictionary, the words "bedtime" and "peace" would probably be synonymous. The late afternoon is a blur of activity for us - making and eating dinner, going on a family walk, bathtime, push-ups and sit-ups by the bath, pajamas, brushing teeth, brushing hair, nursing the baby. By 8:00 or 8:30 - 9:00 […]

Cute, Comfy PJ's for Kids of All Ages

Isn't it wonderful to pull on a pair of pajamas after a long day? I love that experience - lounging around in a cami or tee and slouchy pants while watching a movie or working on my laptop.  I can only imagine that my daughter appreciates wearing comfy pj's to bed as much as I […]

Elegant Knitwear for Kids (don't worry - it's machine-washable)

In my humble opinion, children's clothing should be: soft simple sweet machine-washable not too grown-up not too branded not too extravagant just comfortably cute When I found the Picaflorkids knitwear collection, I checked off all of the items on that list and realized that they meet my criteria. The material is soft. The colors are […]

Crazy for Oopsie Dazie!

If you have a little girl, there will come a time when you start to think - "I really need some hair clips/ties to tame this beautiful chaos!" But not just any hair accessory will do - it needs to be comfortable, easy-to-put-in, and - perhaps most importantly - it needs to "stay put." Bonus […]

Tees that are TuTu Cute

The word "summer" makes me think of swimming pools and family vacations, sunshine and bubbles, beaches and bathing suits, shorts and flip flops, tank tops and pink cheeks, bare toes and ice cream cones, romance and wonder. There's something a little bit dramatic about summertime, but also something casual and laidback. That combination describes Tu […]

Pears & Bears: Sophisticated Sweetness for Little Girls (and their mamas too)

Springtime just might be my favorite season. It's full of flowers and sunshine, cool breezes and blushing cheeks, open-toed sandals and barefeet. It's also a great time for dresses. I've been putting my daughter in them at least a few times a week - usually with jeans underneath (it's very chic, I assure you).I prefer […]

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