The Outdoor Family: Weber Q Portable Gas Grill by Lowe's

With our house on the market and our heads in planning mode for our upcoming giving tour 'round the country, meal planning has been the last thing on our minds. I took the girls to the grocery store yesterday and couldn't think of a single meal to make (really). I spent $20 - milk, butter, […]

Father's Day Gift Guide: Impact Wrench from Lowe's

Tim can fix most anything. Flat tires. Leaky faucets. Broken Toys. Bad Days. If you need someone to help you with a project, he's your guy. I have no idea how he knows how to lay flagstone, install watering systems, use a jackhammer and a table saw, etc. - he just does. As you can […]


Sometimes it's easy to forget that home improvement stores offer more than just paint, wood, and ceiling fans. They really are home, garden, and lifestyle super stores - and the products beyond those double doors are absolutely perfect for gift-giving. For the men in your life, yes. But also for the whole family. FOR HIM: […]

I'm A Grilling Girl

Exhibit A: Our AMAZING new grill - the Weber Genesis E-310 Espresso LP Gas Grill ($699) from Lowe's. Exhibit B: Me in my apron before my first "grilling lesson" from my husband. Exhibit C: Mmmm (not bad for my first steak). For the record, that grill is 100% awesome. It's shiny, it's slick, and it […]


If I were the President of Lowe's, I would devise a comprehensive marketing plan with the intention of drawing in...moms (and their kids). Dads are the primary audience of the super store, of course. But they don't need much convincing. They could walk the aisles for hours and hours, contemplating the subtle differences between light […]

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