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This is What A Mom of 4 Packs in Her Hospital Bag

My fourth baby is due in three days! I have been working through my to-do list at a super fast pace. These waiting days are both highly productive and snail slow. I'm patiently (impatiently!) awaiting the moment when I will meet my little boy face-to-face. Since we will be delivering at a birth center, my […]

Favorite Pregnancy Products (from a mom of 4!)

For my first pregnancy, I was 24 - young, elated, and every kick was brand new. Now, ten years later - I am 34, happily expecting baby #4, and every kick is [still] a miracle. This time around, I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to pregnancy products. I've tried a lot of […]

Christmas Gifts for New Moms

New moms have a new set of wishes - more sleep, flattering clothes, a clean house, time to enjoy with baby, and silence. Help her toward these goals with gifts that will make her life easier. Here are some fantastic (and functional!) gift ideas for the mom-to-be, nursing mom, or brand new mom. Baby K'tan […]

Themed Weekend: Pregnancy, Birth, & Babies

I Wonder: Do women ever stop thinking about birth once they have experienced it? I gave birth to my firstborn in 2006 and my second in 2009 - and both experiences have shaped me, defined me...in so many ways. Almost every day, I think back to those days - remembering the excitement, the pain, the […]

Win A Maternity Wardrobe {valued at over $330}

Some people feel all glamorous and glowing when they are pregnant. I never did. On the contrary, I felt plump and pooped and predictable. When I look back at myself, however, I realize that I looked kinda cute. Hindsight is always 20/20, right? From Left to Right: 16 weeks, 22 weeks, 9 days before I […]

Fashion Finds: for the Pretty, Preppy, Penny-Pinching type

So now you know. I am a breastfeeding mom. I am an environmentalist. I am a bit of a cowgirl. AND I can be quite the prep. Especially when it comes to fashion. I like classic pieces and polo shirts and argyle sweaters. Am I becoming harder and harder to pigeonhole as the days go […]

My Due Date Is Approaching

These last days are wistful and exciting, frightening and full. Soon - very soon - our second child will be here in our arms. We'll be holding her and smelling her sweet baby hair and getting lost in her deep and thoughtful eyes. I've received a number of requests for a "pregnancy update" so here's […]

Boy or Girl? Guess and Win!

Tomorrow marks the almost halfway point in my pregnancy and the day of THE sonogram. For the sake of fairness, I am going to give you some "clues" (okay, they're not really clues, but if you believe in old wives' tales, then maybe these "facts" will help): We don't have a preference. A boy would […]

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