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This is What A Mom of 4 Packs in Her Hospital Bag

My fourth baby is due in three days! I have been working through my to-do list at a super fast pace. These waiting days are both highly productive and snail slow. I'm patiently (impatiently!) awaiting the moment when I will meet my little boy face-to-face. Since we will be delivering at a birth center, my […]

Road Trip Gear to Make Your Kids Smarter and Healthier

If you've been following Metropolitan Mama for any length of time, you've probably discovered that our family LOVES road trips. In fact, it's often our preferred mode of travel. We've been to almost all 50 states by car over the last five years...with more trips planned in the coming months! Road-tripping is more affordable, allows […]

What to Pack It In: A Duffel Bag by High Sierra Sport Company

Let's talk suitcases. Do you prefer hard ones or soft ones? Duffels or backpacks or traditional suitcases? I like bags that are spacious, easy to roll, and that have pockets for shoes. Bonus Points if it "stands out" from all of the plain black bags on the conveyor belt at the baggage claim. The 30-Inch […]

What to Pack: A top that can be dressed up or down

Often when you are traveling, you don't always know where you'll end up - a fancy restaurant, a casual day at the beach, an afternoon snowed in at a cabin...that's part of the adventure of being away from home. But it can make packing a tad bit difficult since space is a high premium. As […]

What to Pack: Jeans

If I had to only wear one thing over and over and over again, it would be jeans. Jeans are stylish, figure-flattering, and totally practical for a mom's active lifestyle. Plus, they can be dressed up or dressed down with ease. Pair with flats and a tee - ready for a picnic at the park! […]

What to Pack: A Cute Hat

Okay, curly-haired friends. I need your help. My hair has been totally frizzy lately. Is it this winter weather or what? What do you use to keep your ringlets shiny and healthy? Your secrets, please. My solution lately? Um...a ponytail or a cute hat. That is sort-of cheating, I know...but it totally works. Check out […]

What to Pack: Packing Cubes by eBags

Isn't it the worst when you have a giant suitcase and everybody's clothes, socks, underwear, and toiletries are just in one huge heap when you open it? I have to tell you about a revolutionary product that will change the way you pack...for the better. You'll feel organized and happy and unfrazzled when you reach […]

What to Pack: TravelKiddy

Long trips can be hard for little ones. There is so much waiting (for the plane to take-off/land, for the stoplight to turn to green, for the car to get filled up with gas, etc.)...and so much sitting still. If you are under three feet tall, waiting and sitting still are two things that are […]

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