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Find the best clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags for your whole family. Men's clothing, Women's clothing, kids clothing, maternity and nursing clothing, jewelry, denim, and more!

Back-to-School Shopping for Kids {Fall 2012 Picks}

Because we school at home (or on the road) most of the time, we don't do traditional "back-to-school" shopping. But I have great picks for those of you who do!

thredUP - "America's #1 Online Kids Clothing Swap"

If you shop consignment, you're used to the drill. You bring in your gently used clothes and receive store credit to shop. I absolutely love that model because it's affordable (or free!) and also contributes to less "waste." The only thing I DON'T love about it is that I almost always shop with my three […]

Tea Collection - $100 giveaway

I have two (soon-to-be-three) little girls. They select their outfits each morning with care. Kayla prefers dresses. Liv insists on outfits without buttons or tags. They both like to wear lip gloss.   When they reach into the closet, they choose Tea Collection frequently. The fabric is soft. The colors are appealing. The designs are […]

ta-da - (my new haircut)

My little sister has her cosmetology license (and a brand new 5-week-old handsome baby boy with red hair). I held him while she gave me a cut with layers. I think it's safe to say that I'm ready to have another baby (so sweet!). Thank you, Kathryn! I totally love my new 'do...and I love […]

Fact: I wear jeans almost every day

Reason #1: Jeans are comfortable, flattering, and fashionable. I sometimes see moms that successfully pull off the stretchy yoga pants and tee look with confidence, but I always feel sort-of grungy in that get-up. Reason #2: I run around our great room daily, as my girls laugh and yell: "Chase me!" I play "Duck, Duck, […]

CAbi Fall 2010

Here's a fun trivia fact for all of my new readers: I used to do more product reviews back in the day (okay, last year...). I was never a "review blogger" per se, but I did enjoy sharing fun new finds through my Themed Weekend series. (And I still think product reviews by bloggers can […]

Summer Fashion: GlassesUSA

Have you noticed my new eyeglasses? I've been wearing them quite a bit lately. Here's my vision history in 10 points: I first got prescription glasses when I was in high school. I should have had them much earlier, but my parents didn't really believe in the whole going-to-the-doctor thing. I have astigmatism in one […]

Summer Fashion: Undertease

Once when I was in middle school, I went to a "Colors" workshop with a friend. Remember those? A specialist held up all kinds of fabrics to my skin and gave me a tiny booklet that told me all of the colors I should wear (and which ones I shouldn't). I don't really remember what […]

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