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Summer Fashion: A Giveaway Event

When it comes to fashion, I am a dichotomy of sorts: I don't like the disorganization or the "ick factor" of thrift stores. BUT I shop at them because I can find like-new, completely-new, and vintage-cool stuff at them...for rockin' prices. I try not to buy articles of clothing that are over $20. BUT I […]

What to Pack: A top that can be dressed up or down

Often when you are traveling, you don't always know where you'll end up - a fancy restaurant, a casual day at the beach, an afternoon snowed in at a cabin...that's part of the adventure of being away from home. But it can make packing a tad bit difficult since space is a high premium. As […]

What to Pack: Jeans

If I had to only wear one thing over and over and over again, it would be jeans. Jeans are stylish, figure-flattering, and totally practical for a mom's active lifestyle. Plus, they can be dressed up or dressed down with ease. Pair with flats and a tee - ready for a picnic at the park! […]

What to Pack: A Cute Hat

Okay, curly-haired friends. I need your help. My hair has been totally frizzy lately. Is it this winter weather or what? What do you use to keep your ringlets shiny and healthy? Your secrets, please. My solution lately? Um...a ponytail or a cute hat. That is sort-of cheating, I know...but it totally works. Check out […]

Products to Promote Your Business: DPS Banners

When I was filming the promotional video for my ebook several months ago, I had to do a few takes (okay, a lot of takes...). As a result of those practice sessions, our 3-year-old took to saying, "" out of the blue...which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. In fact, I joked to Tim […]

Dress Like a Star w/ Milkstars

Check out my shirt in that picture to the right. It's from Milkstars and it's a nursing shirt (you'd never guess by looking at it, right?). What? You've never heard of Milkstars? Well, now you have. The mom-owned company with a super catchy tagline ("Breastfeeding never looked so good") offers nursing-friendly tops that don't skimp […]

FOR HER: sunglasses by Bolle

Okay. I know what you're thinking. My sunglasses are awesome. Stylish. Celebrity-ish. Decidedly cool. Either that - or you're thinking that I am a major dork for posing like that for self-portraits. You're probably thinking both. And both are true. I AM kind of a dork (but a fun dork). AND those sunglasses are amazing. […]

FOR HER: a sweatshirt from Hanes

When the cold weather sneaks up on us here in Arizona, I catch my breath in surprise. After the long days of popsicle-licking, flip-flop-wearing, and staying-indoorsing, it is invigorating to feel the chilled wind on my cheeks and to marvel as the crisp air whips through my curls, to suddenly realize that short sleeves are […]

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